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One Minute or Sixty Seconds?

Perpetual not perfect is what a wise man told me once, about the love with his wife of so many years and months, he said on your anger never let the sun set, and put her needs above yourself, kid don’t ever forget; that this love was promised to last a life time when all around it lasts a week, pray your heart out and give your all with her and hold her up when she feels weak, and one last thing son, when you say to beckon, a minute doesn’t mean sixty seconds. Now I’ve tried to listen to all this good advice, from my father, mother, friends and others, ‘find a lady’ they say, ‘that’s in it for the long haul. One that will love you and cherish you and let you watch Sunday night football. Look for one who doesn’t need any extra to make your jaw drop, and likes your favourite pop ( cause that’s important, not), no matter what though I’ll remember, when I call up stairs to see if she ready for our reservations, one minute doesn’t mean sixty seconds. Now its all in fun, and ill love those little things about her, but sometimes you gotta slow things down, and think back on all those years and remember that this love is til death do you part and she’ll always be the only one in your heart, that sometimes life goes fast and slow, stick together and youll grow, and when you ask her to give your tune a little listen, remember, one minute doesn’t mean sixty seconds.

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